Photo by Jeremy Armstrong at

Photo by Jeremy Armstrong at

Photo by Indeliza Marquez at

Photo by Indeliza Marquez at

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you get printed strips at the event? Yes, strips print out immediately after the photos are taken. You can decide how may prints you would like to printed for your event - 2 copies or 3 copies etc. Your choice!

  2. Can you customize the prints? Yes, the prints can be customized with your event information. Samples can be sent over beforehand upon request.

  3. What size are the prints? The prints are either 2” by 6” or 4” by 6” with one to three images on each.

  4. Can I have digital copies of the prints? Yes, a digital gallery will be shared with you after the event. It is social media compatible.

  5. How large is the bus? Length is about 14”, width is 6”about ” and height is about 6’ 4” (with roof rack on).

  6. Can the bus go inside a venue? Yes, as long as it fits through the doors.

  7. How many people can fit in the bus? A comfortable four, a cozy six and a tight eight.

  8. What do you need for the bus to run at the event? Electricity and a 10'“ by 20” flat space.

  9. Do you travel? Yes, check out the pricing page for info on travel.

  10. Can I bring my own props? Absolutely! We have an extensive selection of props , but by all means bring your own and add to the fun collection!